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Our History

It’s fair to say that the origin of OUT Consulting Group is the career path of our co-founder Guilherme Pinto … for the purpose of this history at least, if we start with Big Bang we risk missing the point. We´ll share it in first person.

In 2019 I resigned from my role at Marriott in the UAE. Not a bad time to resign after winning best comercial team and best sales individual results for Middle East and Africa for Marriott (more than 1 hotel in the region. Pinkie Promise). I worked in some of the top hotel brands before this, from Walt Disney World Resorts to Starwood, Meliá, Hyatt and Viceroy.

For many great reasons, I came back home (Portugal) with my family and opened a consultancy company. Not the most “risk it all entrepreneurship” start as I had a nice consultancy project agreed with Manchester City beforehand. This project was the start, it was followed by other additional projects in tourism.

From our early contact with independent hotels in Portugal, we were able to understand that the 80% year on year growth we brought to our main hotel partner, was a reflection of lack of commercial resources and talent pool. Being great commercial minds, this was definitely a need for us to address. And so the idea of OUT CG started to unfold.

Disclaimer: If you like it, we should grab a coffee and talk about it. If you didn't like but were interested enough to read it to the end, we should grab a coffee talk about it.

Empowering independent hotels


People Strong Sales Team


People Strong Marketing Team


People Revenue Team


Strong Team above Property Support

This was the size of my proactive commercial team on the last hotel property I managed.

And that is where we add value!

Our Outstanding team has the talent, reach and knowledge to outperform hotels who do not currently have the resources to actively manage an ever changing hotel commercial landscape.

Thinking OUT of the box

Our model reflects our way.

White Label

Your hotel, your brand.

Value add promise

Our remuneration is based on results.

No financial burden

We have the teams. Your hotel does not need to hire.


We work with the best in the industry

Solid Partnerships

Our work together starts with a free of charge and commitment business plan after a first assessment.

Want to be the best, work with the very best.

Here are some of our current and past client and partners

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